Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Tennis Tips & Tricks - Course Coupon 100% Off

Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Tennis Tips & Tricks - Course Coupon

Learn the Tips and Tricks of Tennis and become tennis superstar with the Beginner to Advanced Tennis Tips and Tricks Courses. The courses are from International tennis star, Gilad Bloom.

Course No. 1 : Beginner Tennis Tips and Tricks - 100% Free

Gilad Bloom simplifies the game for beginners in this tennis coaching oneline course. In 9 easy-to-follow step by step videos, Bloom will take you from choosing your first racquet to slamming your first serve.
This Tennis course is a must have for anyone learning tennis for the first time or looking for tips to coach a tennis class of your own.
What you are going learn from this Beginners Tennis Course:
- How to Choose your Tennis Racket
- Understand the Tennis Court Layout and Lines
- How to get Ready to Play and your Point of Contact
- How to Keep Your Eye On The Ball
- How to Prepare Early on Shots
- Footwork Tips and Positioning Drill

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Course No. 2 : Intermediate & Advanced Tennis Tips and Tricks - 100% Off

Feel like you've hit a plateau in your progress as a competitive tennis player? Learn how you can become a force to be reckoned with on the court with this course from international tennis star Gilad Bloom. Bloom introduces essential skills and drills to take your game to the next level in 17 tennis coaching videos designed specifically for intermediate to advanced players.

What you are going learn from this Intermediate to Advanced Tennis Tips and Tricks Course:

- How to Take Short Balls
- Learn the Volley Shot Technique
- How to take Overhead Shot, Overhead Drill & Overhead-Volley Mix
- Learn The Drop Shot, Passing Shots and Angle Shots
- Charge Net on Short Serve
- Learn how to Hitting on the Run
- Learn Quick Adjustment Steps and Crossover Step
- Low Ball Drill and Racket Head Speed Drill

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About the Instructor : Gilad Bloom, A Professional Tennis Player

Gilad Bloom played Tennis on the ATP Tour from 1983 to 1995. He competed in the Davis Cup for almost 11 years and represented his home country in the
Olympic Games in 1988 and 1992, He reached his highest Tennis Playing ranking as a Professional at No. 60 in 1990.

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