Learn why you should consider using CDN - Content Delivery Network for your website.

Learn why you should consider using CDN - Content Delivery Network

Lets learn first What is a CDN and what it does ?

CDN is an interconnected arrangement of Web Servers which give web content quickly to clients by copying your site or parts of it on several servers, utilizing the one closest to the website visitors for faster access.

CDN - Content Delivery Networks carry mostly static web resources like; sound and video substance, pictures and text content. A Content Delivery Network do this by putting away different duplicates of your online content on different servers around the globe. The more number of servers in different locations a Content Delivery Network-CDN has, the better for your end users/visitors, since contents can be serve to your users/visitors from the nearer server to them.

Why you should start using a CDN ?

A good CDN provider can have lots of servers around the globe which allows them to serve efficient and reliable content delivery, protecting you from traffic surges, internet shortages and hackers. At the point when a client needs to see your site, the server closest to that client is automatically decided and your static contents served. The outcome is a quick and solid surfing experience.
Using a CD has many different advantages:

- Increase Customer Satisfaction & Conversion Rates
- Improve your site's SEO Rankings
- Minimize the Load of your Hosting server & Minimize Downtime
- Improve User Experience
- Improve Page Rank
- Website Quality
- You'll get more visitors, leads, customers and finally sales.

To know more detail on why a website must use a CDN service please visit the source of this article :https://webhostinggeeks.com/blog/what-is-a-cdn-why-you-should-use-one/