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Applying for the scholarship is not an easy job at all due to its complicated procedure involved in its application. Different scholarships have different requirements. In few cases, it takes more than 03 months to arrange the documents. According to our own experience, more than 07 in 10 students cannot successfully submit their application. Therefore, their application automatically gets rejected before first selection. From our several years of expertise, we believe that a student with a bit lower CPGA can also get full funding if they can successfully submit their application package while a student with much more higher CPGA can get rejected due to their wrong application submission.

We have noticed that there is no institute where they are guiding their students for higher study. It is an open secret that, there are ample of students/education service providers who take huge money from students by giving fake commitments of scholarship. Also, these service providers don’t share much information with the students. Finally, the situation becomes worst after enrolling the course as the university asks so many fees that had been hidden by them. We aim to prepare students to deal with every issue to get a scholarship. Besides, we also show them how to prepare the documents and help them to fill up the forms, etc. etc. We can assure them that after taking this course, they will be able to submit their application correctly successfully. However, we can’t promise that after finishing the course students must get selected for the particular scholarship.

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