An Introduction to Personality Psychology: The Big 5 Traits - Udemy coupon 100% Off

An Introduction to Personality Psychology: The Big 5 Traits - Udemy coupon
How Personality Traits and Psychology Influence our Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior

This short Personality Psychology course is designed to introduce you to the world of personality psychology. It has been tailored to provide a detailed introduction for anyone who is curious about the topic. No previous psychology knowledge or training is required.

In this Personality Psychology course, you will learn about modern day personality psychology with a focus on the Big 5 Traits. This personality model is the most dominant and commonly explored personality theory in psychology. The model is comprised of 5 unique traits which are believed to capture most of what we call 'Personality'.

This Personality Psychology course is taught by two trained psychologists and university Assistant Professors. Dr. Daniel McGrath has a PhD in Experimental Psychology and Dr. Yannick Griep has a PhD in Applied and Experimental Psychology. This course will serve as the starting point for a series of online courses which explore how personality and psychology affect our behavior, how other people behave, and how these factors influence settings such as the workplace.

We see this Personality Psychology course as an excellent starting point in your journey to learn more about human psychology! We are excited to offer it and hope that you will enroll

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