Cloud Ethical Hacking : Use Kali Linux on Amazon AWS - Udemy coupon 100% Off

The only Cloud ethical hacking course you need to start running Kali Linux and ethical hacking tasks on Amazon cloud...

Practical skills you will learn after you complete the Cloud Ethical Hacking course:

Current limitations of an ethical hacking lab
Benefits of running your VMs in the cloud
How to create an Amazon Free Tier account
How to run Kali Linux as an Amazon EC2 instance
EC2 dashboard management
Alternative terminal operations: A handy chrome extension for SSH sessions
Installing xRDP to Kali Linux. This is also useful if you intend to use GUI with any Linux machine
LXDE and XFCE session types
Running a Windows Server as an EC2 instance, which you can use both as a victim or an attacker machine.
Install Guacamole tool to access & operate any server using your Browser
Nmap basics to which helps you to start scanning in no time.
Metasploit commands to send exploits to vulnerable machines.
Exploting a vulnerable application on Windows Server/
In a nutshell, by the end of the course, you'll be able to create your own Ethical Hacking Lab on Amazon AWS cloud from scratch, using the latest techniques which black hat hackers use to penetrate systems remotely. Better than that, it won't even take an hour to start running your machines.

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