Learn How to Access Gmail in China - Working Solution 2017

Still in 2017 - The Chinese government have a "Great Firewall of China" built into the country’s internet usage, that allows them to control what websites China-based people can and cannot access.

As a result of this Chinese government control, many popular websites and online services have subsequently been blocked in China including Gmail in China being one such service.

Learn How to unblock Gmail in China in simple 4 steps:
- Setting up a VPN account
- Install the VPN software onto the device(s) you want to access Gmail on
- Open the VPN software then connect to a server location where Gmail is not blocked (for example, a US-based server)
- Once connected to vpn, you will be able to access Gmail.

To know more detail please visit :https://fried.com/how-to-access-gmail-in-china/