PLR (Private Label Rights) for your Online Courses and eBooks

Online course instructors sell courses on Udemy and many other websites including their own. Most instructors think that their customers are consumers. And even though Udemy has a B2B program called UFB (Udemy For Business) many instructors still have not turned their attention to the B2B market for their courses.

In addition to the Udemy business program, there is another B2B option is available for instructors through PLR (Private Label Rights). It is a content licensing model where you can license out your courses to other companies to resell. Traditionally, PLR has been used for physical products, where you can white-label a product, put your branding on it, and sell it as your own. But this is also possible with a number of digital products online.

This model can be used for PLR courses and PLR ebooks. There are many established companies who need courses and ebooks to resell to their audience, but don’t have that content readily available to resell. And when they try to create their own content, it takes them thousands of dollars and months to get the content published because they need to hire and train staff, set up office space, buy equipment, and much more.

Instead of going through all that pain, these companies can have content overnight if they license the ebook or online course content. The challenge for them is to find the right companies from which to license content.

Your job is to help these companies find you by doing your own marketing. There are a few things you can do to find companies to license to. You can search for companies that sell course and ebook content to their clients and reach out to them offering them your content. Once you find such companies, make sure to keep them as clients so that you can keep licensing them your content long-term.

Another way to promote your licensing service is to promote this service via social media. Many of your social media followers might not know that this is a possible option, and might take you up on this if it becomes available. You can also do outreach to people and companies directly if you think there is a chance that they might want to get into this kind of a business.

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