The Big Data Encyclopedia Discount Bundle - Pay What You Want starts with $1

Big Data Encyclopedia Discount Bundle

Big Data Encyclopedia Discount Bundle - From R Programming to Machine Learning, This 9-Book Bundle Will Give You the Data Insights to Transform Your Career

This Big Data Bundle included :
1. Spark for Data Science
Analyze Your Data & Delve Deep Into the World of Machine Learning

2. Apache Spark for Data Science Cookbook
Over 90 Insightful Recipes to Get Lightning Fast Analytics with Apache Spark

3. Big Data Visualization
Learn Effective Tools & Techniques to Separate Big Data for Efficient Visualization

4. Big Data Forensics: Learning Hadoop Investigations
Perform Forensic Investigations on Hadoop Clusters with Cutting-Edge Tools & Techniques

5. Big Data Analytics with R
Utilize R to Uncover Hidden Patterns in Big Data

6. Hadoop Real-World Solutions Cookbook: Second Edition
Hands-On Recipes to Help You Learn the Intricacies of Apache Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Flume, & More

7. Hadoop Blueprints
Use Hadoop to Solve Business Problems by Learning From Real-Life Case Studies

8. Deep Learning with Hadoop
Build, Implement, & Scale Distributed Deep Learning Models for Large-Scale Datasets

9. Apache Spark 2 for Beginners
Take the First Steps In Developing Large-Scale Distributed Data Processing Applications

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