Preparing your mindset for book marketing - Udemy $10 Coupon 89% Off

Preparing your mindset for book marketing - Udemy $10 Coupon
Marketing your book is not simply applying the same marketing techniques every other author applies. Each author is different, each book is different, and each personal vision is different. Ocean Reeve believe's that every author has the ability to promote and market their book successfully, and achieve the results they desire.

Book Publishing is a two stage process; 1. Writing and publishing and 2. MARKETING! Quite often authors feel isolated, uncertain and fearful as they head into this second stage and the Psychology of Book Marketing Online Course is about removing that isolation, uncertainty and fear, and building a foundation of success before implementing a focused and proven staged marketing campaign. It is here to clarify that path and ensure you step into this second stage of publishing with confidence and a winning attitude; with expert knowledge and tangible tools; with proven strategies and easily managed structure.

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