Storyist for Mac Discount Coupon - Write Fiction stories comfortably - 67% Off

Storyist for Mac Discount Coupon

Storyist for Mac Discount 67% Off - Write Your Manifesto Anywhere with This Mobile Friendly Writing App

Storyist is the only do-it-all writing platform designed specifically for Fiction writers and optimized to be an incredibly powerful word processor chip on both desktop and mobile platforms. This fully-featured word processor gives you complete control over manuscripts and screenplays, giving you elite annotation power, high-level story viewing, and many more tools to make writing complex projects a breeze.

Rated 3. 5/5 Stars rated by Macworld

Work off stylesheet themes for manuscripts, screenplays, or customize a manuscript to look how you'd like
Implement images, comments, cause checking, smart quotes, headers, footers and more
Leap between standard screenplay elements quickly with  tab and return key shortcuts
Auto-complete scene introductions, locations, times, character names and changes to save lots of time
Import and export Final Draft FDX and Fountain scripts to share work with other screenwriters
Get yourself a more complete overview of your tale w/ the flexible Outliner
Work with story linens, a project organizer, URINARY INCONTINENCE themes and more
Trail word counts to maintain daily goals
Create ePub and Kindle ebooks for self-publication

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