Learn Data Migration: Database Migration MS SQL to Oracle DB - course 100% Off

Learn Data Migration: Database Migration MS SQL to Oracle DB - course

There are a few instruments accessible to perform database and information movement. In this course we will utilize a free effective instrument by Oracle called Oracle SQL Developer to relocate an outsider database from Microsoft SQL Server into Oracle.

Database movement includes a few stages indicated beneath:

Setting up a Migration Repository : The Migrations Repository is a database construction that stores the meta_data gathered and changed in the relocation procedure.

Arranging the Third Party Database Connection : You have to design a database association for the database which you might want to move. There are two stages to this process:Download JDBC driver and Connecting to Third

Gathering Database.
Catching Source Database :This progression is utilized to catch a preview of the present condition of your outsider database and is important to give SQL Developer a "point in time" perspective of your database. When this progression is finished, the Migration wizard takes a shot at the meta-information put away in its storehouse, rather than issuing questions against your live database.

Change over Captured Model to Oracle : The subsequent stage in the movement procedure is to change over the caught model of the database to an Oracle-particular model.

Decipher Third Party SQL Objects to Oracle :The subsequent stage in the movement procedure is to interpret the T-SQL objects - imperatives, capacities, methods, triggers, sees - to Oracle SQL objects.

Producing Scripts to Create Target Database :Once the transformation procedure has finished, SQL Developer has a model of what the changed over database will resemble. This is utilized to produce SQL contents for the making of the new Oracle Database schema(s) and to run these contents.

Move Data from Third Party Database to Oracle :The last advance in the Migration Wizard is to move the information to the new database. Relocating the information is a procedure that duplicates the information from the outsider database to the new tables

in the Oracle database. The Migration Wizard utilizes a similar Oracle database association required to run the contents as it does to move the information.

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