Magento 2 Search Extension - Advanced Search Functionality for Magento

Magento 2 Search Extension - Advanced Search Functionality for Magento

Magento extension is a piece of PHP code - a consolidate of functions, added into Magento to expand its usefulness. It enables you to add custom features and functions to each area of Magento store including the front-end and back end, integration with other services, tools for marketing and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Expansions are created through wide system of Magento partners to give you the adaptability and energy to keep up your store the way you need.

It is really difficult to find out something very fast in a very large Magento store which is very important issue for your customer. Magento 2 Advance Search Extension is an excellent solution for your store to solve this issue. If your store have over 10K products or 1K of blog posts, Advanced Search extension will help you to find those which are required.

Features of Advanced Search for Magento extension : Get Faster search with less server load and trustworthy output.
- Using Sphinx engine to power Magento store search
- It is only few settings required to setup the Extension
- You can define a search parameter with its Output options

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The Advanced Magento Search extension use Sphinx engine which is an open source full text search server. Sphinx search engine is used by many popular websites of the world like Craigslist,,, tumblr, Dailymotion etc.

Advanced Search is Easy to setup:
You need to install Sphinx on your web server, properly configure Advanced Search and you will enjoy the functionality. Advanced search extension will do everything for configuring Sphinx so that you need not to worry about complicated configuration.

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