Puppy Pre-School - professional Dog training Course Discount - 46% Off

Puppy Pre-School - professional Dog training Course

This Puppy Pre-School Online course will teach you with bunches of tips and information that all the new puppy owners should know while receiving these exceptional creatures. Watch our recordings and in addition tune in to lectures and composed information in the comfort of your home.

Our Four week program will answer and illuminate any issues you might face with a puppy between two months and a half year old. Leave a remark and speak with your mentor to help answer any inquiries you may have.

Taylor is a Certified Dog Trainer with more than Seven years of expertise in conducting classes and private sessions with puppies of any age and breeds.

We want everyone to enjoy the Puppy Pre-School Experience. That is the reason we have conveyed the course to you, to do in your own time & comfort!

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