Top 10 Principles To a Six Figure Salary - Online Video Course 50% Off $10 only

This course is conducted by Natacha Douglas, “Top 10 Principles to a Six-Figure Salary” is one of the best financial mentor-ship videos available. This course contains an inspirational message to help you rise against all odds and break the glass ceiling to get to a six-figure salary job despite your current economic status.

Natacha Douglas narrates the story of how she rose up the ladder from a nanny after immigrating to America from a French Caribbean Island at 20.
Natacha raised against all odds from self-learning English to a VP position in the United States.
Given her success in the last decade, Natacha will help you on your journey up the ladder.
Natacha story is highly inspirational, and the course gives tips on how everyone can become successful just like she did.

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