Complete Order 2 Cash (O2C) Cycle in Oracle Apps R12 - Course 100% OFF

Complete Order 2 Cash (O2C) Cycle in Oracle Apps R12

Order to Cash Process stream begins with entering the request with a standard thing into framework. When you enter a request, the thing are approved in prophet stock, the cost is figured for the things utilizing the evaluating motor; the accessibility of the things are checked and might be held. When all the required fields are entered on both the header and the lines, you can book the request. When you tap on the Book Order catch, the API OEXUBOKB.pls, checks if the request is qualified for booking. On the off chance that qualified the request is reserved and the request header status would change to booked. The following stage is the pick discharge with which you move the things from the distribution center to the organizing region. The following stage is to transport affirm, to show that the things are stacked on to the transporter from the organizing territory. When you run Ship Confirm, the framework decrements stock and updates deals arrange line status. This data is then exchanged through the Auto Invoice to Account Receivables for invoicing. At that point you sent the receipt to your client for the things transported and afterward play out the money administration and bank compromises.

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