Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 Udemy course 100% OFF

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 Udemy course

First experience with Microsoft Word 2016 is a fast course to get you up and running with Word 2016 as quickly as time permits. At just shy of 1-and-a-quarter hours, the 18 recordings take you through the fundamentals and center basics of Microsoft Word.

Beginning with opening up Microsoft Word we make a clear record and wind up with a basic 4 page report, including some key highlights and elements of Word. These incorporate embedding and overseeing pictures, Word styles (the distinction and how and why you should utilize them - this is basic!), the diverse heading levels, tables, page numbers, a dynamic Table of Contents, a cover page, organizing your record, et cetera.

This Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 course was recorded on a pc running Windows 10, 64-bit, and Word 2016 as a major aspect of Office 365. A great deal of the usefulness and what's secured here is material for the Mac, however not all.

Besides, Microsoft have rolled out some interface improvements in Word 2007/2010, and again in 2013. Despite the fact that not particularly referenced in this course, Word 2016 has an 'Outline' and a 'Format' tab, while 2013 has a 'Plan' and a 'Page Layout' tab (they're the same), and 2007/2010 has just a 'Page Layout' tab - I figure you can see the bearing Microsoft was heading in those adaptations.

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