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Examination are comprised of information that can be investigated to reach consistent determinations, and for UX outline particularly, that information contains data about the clients of your application or site.

With this data, you can conclude who your clients are and what they're searching for, and when you realize what they're searching for, you can convey it. This eBook is a manual for a portion of the best investigation apparatuses that you can use to educate UX outline.

This Analytics eBook contains:

  • 7 Analytics Tools for Optimizing UX by Jon MacDonald
  • 5 A/B Testing Tools for Making Data-driven Design Decisions by Jamie Murphy
  • Google Analytics: the Basics Explained, and Pitfalls to Avoid by Luke Hay
  • Google Analytics: How to Perform User Research by Luke Hay
  • Discovering Problem Areas on Your Website with Google Analytics by Luke Hay
  • The most effective method to Perform A/B Testing with Google Optimize by Jamie Murphy
  • More profound A/B Testing With Optimizely by Jamie Murphy
  • The most effective method to Analyze Heatmaps and Create A/B Tests with Crazy Egg by Ash Ome

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