The Essential Financial Modeling Course Bundle Discount - 97% Off

Essential Financial Modeling Course Bundle Discount

Course No. 1 : Financial Modeling Basics Course
Monetary modeling in Excel certainly an useful way to forecast and make key financial decisions for a company. This program is designed to give you a solid foundation in the preparation needed before you build a financial model. You'll learn necessary concepts, functions and features required to structure and design your financial model to increase usability and lessen risk.
Duration of the course: 5 hours
Number of lessons: 55

Course No. 2 : Financial Modeling Techniques
Financial modeling can become a career-boosting skill and this course will show you proven methodologies and tools to help you construct a financial model comprehensive. You'll cover financial statement theory and how they link together, building on guidelines and Surpass functions you learned in the previous course.
Duration of the course: 5.5 hours
Number of lessons: 59

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