Complete UI/UX Design Lifetime Course Bundle Discount - Pay What You Want starts with $1

Complete UI/UX Design Lifetime Course Bundle Discount

Course No. 1 : UI Design With Photoshop: From Beginner To Expert
Get Up & Running with This UI Designer Essential
Duration : 11.5 hours

Course No. 2 : After Effects CC: Animated Infographics And Data Visualization
Make Your Data Dance as an After Effects Pro
Duration : 5.5 hours

Course No. 3 : Web Design: Workflow Of Modern Web Design
Here's Your Guide for Creating Professional, Responsive Websites
Duration : 7.5 hours

Course No. 4 : Freelancing Career Guide For Designers And Developers
Set Yourself Up With a Solid Freelancing Action Plan
Duration : 4.5 hours

Course No. 5 : Typography for Designers And Developers
Take Your Designs Further with Typography Tips & Tricks
Duration : 8.5 hours

Course No. 6 : UX Design For Beginners
How to Design with the User in Mind
Duration : 5 hours

Course No. 7 : UI/UX And Web Design Using Adobe XD
Build a Better User Experience in Less Than 5 Hours
Duration : 5 hours

Course No. 8 : Photoshop, InDesign, And Illustrator 101
Get an Insider's Look at Today's Design Essentials
Duration : 2 hours

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