Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Want to entertain people in a more successful manner? These outdoor entertaining tips will help you do just that.

1. Designated Spaces

When the indoors are brought outside it is a great way to help make your guests comfortable while hosting an outdoor event. When you have designated areas that have the feeling of "rooms" it helps with flow and functionality while still providing an aesthetic that is appealing. Design director Tony LoBello from Mariani Landscape Architecture has created outdoor vignettes through using large dining tables, outdoor rugs, florals, and vines to define smaller areas. If you’re interested check out this guide for outdoor fireplaces.

2. Mood Lighting

When hosting an outdoor dinner, it is very important that guests have the ability to see one another without bright patio lighting and spotlights. For help setting the mood, LoBello recommends chandeliers, lanterns, or strung globe lights to create a fanciful, soft ambiance. Although pergolas are mainly used during the day for shade, they are also great structures for hanging lighting to entertain in the evening.

3. Music

Every party needs to have music! Having background music will help guests either rev up or relax and the set the right tone for your event. All of the amazing wireless technology that is available these days makes it easy to get speakers installed throughout the area and get them hooked up to a Bluetooth device or smartphone. LoBello and his Mariani design team have extensive experience with installing speakers that blend in with foliage or replicate stones, which have become very popular landscape design options.

4. Proximity to Kitchen

It can be quite the feat to host guests, so that is why it is so essential to do anything you can to make that process easier on you. LoBello recommends that you create a dining area that is close to either the entrance of your house or the barbecue to save time from running in between the kitchen and table.

5. Beverages

Having ice cold beverages is one of the major keys to having a successful party. Keeping beverages accessible and on hand will make everyone feel comfortable - and guests won't need to bother you each time they are in need of a refill and you won't need to play bartender either. There are numerous festive ways for displaying drinks, like built-in outdoor refrigerators and coolers, galvanized tubs, and rolling bar carts. Your guest will stay happy as long as you have tasty and cold drinks on hand.