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Wireless Hacking & Security MasterClass

In this Wireless Hacking & Security MasterClass course we will learn about every single part of remote systems what is a remote system? How it functions? What are the shortcoming of remote system? We have setup this course in a manner by which you can comprehend the center idea of remote. We will begin each area by seeing how unique Protocol functions so you will have finish comprehension of every Protocol and you don't progress toward becoming content kiddies. We will begin with exceptionally fundamental how remote system functions we will learn about various Bands, Channels and Frequencies. We will likewise learn about various remote connectors and diverse methods of remote connector like screen mode and oversaw mode after that we will jump into further developed ideas like Packet sniffing and Target sniffing. We will likewise look the contrast between 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies and bundle sniffing on 5GHz system. At that point we will investigate how to find Hidden Networks.

After that we will perceive how to augment the intensity of remote connector. At that point we will attempt to comprehend WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) Protocol and see its shortcoming. After that we will attempt to pentest WEP based system. In the wake of doing that we will learn about WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and how we can hack into this convention.

At that point we will learn and comprehend about the most secure convention WPA/WPA2 Personal and perceive how this convention functions and why it's so much secure we likewise attempt and comprehend around 4-way handshake. At that point we will pentest WPA/WPA2 Personal system too and perceive how we can hack these kinds of systems utilizing Dictionary Attack. After that we will attempt to pentest WPA/WPA2 with Evil Twin Attacks. At that point we will perceive how Captive Portals function. These days Captive Portals are utilized as a part of Hotels, Coffee shops and Malls and so forth. We will likewise perceive how we hack systems which depend on Captive Portals. At that point we will investigate WPA2 Enterprise systems and first attempt to comprehend its convention then we will pentest WPA2 Enterprise system and perceive how we can gain admittance to these systems.

In the wake of seeing all Protocols and their shortcoming we will look some exceptional hacking situations and to settle those situations we will make a hacking equipment with Raspberry PI. On the off chance that you don't know anything about Raspberry PI don't stress we will clarify every last thing about it. Beginning from what Raspberry PI is? How we can utilize it in infiltration testing what apparatuses and programming we going to introduce on it. We will cover all these in a different area in this course. In the wake of getting great comprehension of Raspberry PI we will utilize it in infiltration testing WPS empowered systems.

After that we will utilize Raspberry PI in WPA/WPA2 infiltration testing. In the wake of covering every one of the parts of remote hacking we will perceive how we can defeat all the shortcoming in every one of the convention and perceive how we can make remote systems more secure.

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