BeeLine Reader Discount coupon for Lifetime Subscription - 86% Off

BeeLine Reader Discount coupon for Lifetime Subscription

How frequently have you found yourself skirting a column of content or perusing a similar line twice in an email? Line progress blunders like these are a noteworthy motivation behind why a significant number of us battle to get past our every day perusing in a convenient manner, yet BeeLine Reader is here to help. This speed perusing apparatus applies an eye-controlling shading inclination to your content, with the shading toward the finish of one line coordinating impeccably with the start of the following. This helps your eyes rapidly take after each line and snap to the following over and over. What's more, not at all like other speed perusing instruments, BeeLine has been appeared in free testing to increment both perusing rate and appreciation.

Embraced by the California Public Library System and champ of honors from Stanford, Dell, and The Tech Museum of Innovation

Traverse your messages, news stories, blog entries and ebooks up to 20% speedier

Read speedier and all the more easily without giving up perusing cognizance

Effectively read more material in Google Chrome or Firefox

Lessen line progress blunders and invest less energy perusing a similar material

About the Developer

Direct route Reader is here to make perusing simpler. We know you're covered in messages, news stories, blog entries, and ebooks; so you likely spend the majority of the day gazing at a screen. We will likely make those hours more productive and more agreeable. So download one of our applications, experiment with a couple shading plans (or make your own!), and turbocharge your perusing capacity. Inquiries or remarks? Give us an email so we can help.

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