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Cryptography from Scratch - Master Cryptography in Java - course

In this Cryptography course we will begin off with a tad of history, at that point I cover the essentials of Cryptography. At that point I indicate you first straightforward figures (Substitution Cipher, Caesar Cipher, Affine Cipher), and by understanding these you ought to have the capacity to recognize what cryptography is about, and what not to do, on the grounds that not just I clarify how these figures functions. I likewise disclose How to break these Ciphers. So you will likewise know how cryptographically un-secure figure looks like and how to break them.

When you ace Basics of cryptography, we can proceed onward to present day cryptography, I clarify what is Stream Cipher, and how Xor encryption works.

I additionally cover the AES encoding calculation and RSA (Public key cryptography).

Additionally by finishing this course, you will get Certificate of fruition (on the off chance that you pass each of the 3 tests)

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