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Fun with JavaScript course

I appreciate finding new uses for old innovations. Not being quite a bit of a gamer nowadays, I was enticed to dispose of my old Xbox 360 comfort, as it just sits and gathers dust. Acknowledging I wouldn't get much for it, however, I chose to check whether I could repurpose it.

I'm as yet not certain what to do with the support itself, yet I found that I could interface my controllers to my PC and utilize them as information gadgets in Node.js applications, which opened up a radical new universe of potential outcomes.

In this Fun with JavaScript course, I am will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to manufacture a Node.js module that you can import into your own applications, which will enable you and your clients to use Xbox 360 controllers as information gadgets.

So as to take after alongside the demos in this course, you will require a remote Xbox 360 controller and a Microsoft USB gaming recipient.

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