The CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle By Make - Discount coupon 89% Off

CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle By Make Discount

eBook No. 1 : Make: Magazine Vol. 60: Ultimate Guide To Desktop Fabrication 2018
Demystify 3D Printers, CNC Machines & More with 30+ Detailed Reviews + Maker Projects

eBook No. 2 : Make: 3D Printing, 1st Edition
Get a Beginner-Friendly Look at 3D Printing Techniques, Software & Machines

eBook No. 3 : Make: 3D Printing Projects
Grow Your Maker Skills with Projects for an LED lamp, SkyCam & More

eBook No. 4 : Getting Started With 3D Printing
Walk Through the 3D Printing Essentials with Guidance on Hardware, Maintenance & Modeling

eBook No. 5 : Make: Design For 3D Printing
Start Your Foray Into 3D Printing with an Accessible Look at Design Tools

eBook No. 6 : The Maker's Manual
Get the Most From Your 3D Printer with Tips on Prototyping, 3D Printing & Programming

eBook No. 7 : Zero To Maker: 2nd Edition
Follow Along This Expert's Journey From Maker Newbie to Successful Entrepreneur

eBook No. 8 : Best Of Make, Vol. 2
Explore Robotics, Drones & More in This Collection of Make's Best Projects

eBook No. 9 : Make: Getting Started With CNC Routing
Kickstart Your Foray Into Personal Digital Fabrication with This CNC Guide & Project Collection

eBook No. 10 : Make: Getting Started With 3D Carving
Explore 3D Carving Software, Machines & Hands-on Projects in This eBook

eBook No. 11 : Make: Design For CNC
Explore the Basics of This Fabrication Platform by Making Your Own Furniture

eBook No. 12 : Fusion 360 For Makers
Design, Analyze & Print Your Ideas with Insight on This 3D Modeling Staple

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