The Lifetime MBA Bootcamp Course Bundle - Discount coupon - 98% Off

Course No. 1 : Developing As A Leader and Manager Course
Drive Your Company Forward by Promoting Growth and Communication
Duration of the course: 4.5 hours

Course No. 2 : Introduction To Leadership and Management
Inspire Your Team & Fine-Tune Their Training for Better Performance
Duration of the course: 3 hours

Course No. 3 : Strategy and Business Models
Jumpstart Growth with Relevant, Scalable Business Models
Duration of the course: 11 hours

Course No. 4 : Communication Influence and Teams
Create a Healthy Workplace for Yourself and Your Team
Duration of the course: 15 hours

Course No. 5 : Finance For Non-Finance Professionals
Money Won't Be Scary Anymore After This Course For Non-Finance Types
Duration of the course: 9 hours

Course No. 6 : Business Writing course
Gain Confidence in Your Professional Writing Skills
Duration of the course: 7 hours

Course No. 7 : Business Analysis Course
Learn to Crunch Numbers Like a Pro & Become a Data Analytics Superstar
Duration of the course: 20 hours

Course No. 8 : Project Management course
Initiate & Manage Projects to Yield the Results You Need
Duration of the course: 11 hours

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