Happy Couples: Understanding your partner's Personality Type - Udemy Course Coupon 100% Off

Becoming hopelessly enamored is simple, remaining in adoration is testing, particularly when reality, obligations and stress kick in. The fundamental test seeing someone is distinction. Tolerating that we are unique and have diverse identities and requirements is a key for a satisfying and fruitful connection. Along these lines, the initial move towards this is to take in our accomplice's identity compose and qualities and manage them as needs be.

You will learn to Discover your own personality type based on DISC theory: Decisive Lion, Interactive Parrot, Cautious Bee, Stabilizing Dolphin
Use the AAA model (ACCEPT, ADAPT, ASSERT) to create a happy relationship
ACCEPT: Understand your partner's 1. Positive traits 2. Negative traits 3. What to expect 4. Fears 5. Reaction under stress 6. Problem-solving techniques 7. Decision-making process, 8. Conflict management style
ADAPT: How to correctly 1. Create a positive environment 2. Give feedback 3. Deal with conflict 4. Communicate 5. Fill their love tank
ASSERT: When different personalities become difficult

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