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My other land courses here are altogether centered basically around speculation investigation - one concentrating on breaking down fix and flips and rental salary properties, another that centers just around multifamily, and a third, more thorough, course that covers private and a large group of other business land situations. Alternate courses all go further on the investigation side however don't address a large number of the themes I cover here.

You can think about those courses as getting down to the ground level as far as detail and this course is at the 30,000 ft. level, simply getting the general extent of things without getting you stalled in numbers and subtle elements.

This course isn't for you. This is intended for tenderfoots and the individuals who next to zero existing information. Despite the fact that, I will state that a few understudies with experience observed this to be a decent boost, particularly the area on land cycles. In the event that you are an accomplished financial specialist, you may locate some important bits of knowledge in here, simply please know that this course is intended for pristine speculators.

Math is an essential malice to seeing land contributing. On the off chance that you can't crunch the numbers, it'll be troublesome for you to truly get a firm handle on the ideas. On the off chance that/when you're confounded, simply leave a message in the gatherings - I more often than not react inside 48 hours. For what it's value, there is WAY more math in my other, further developed courses. I've put the absolute minimum here. Each genuine speculator should have the capacity to do these venture counts. On the off chance that your math is corroded, this is the ideal opportunity to understand it.

Great inquiry. Investigating land ventures includes taking a gander at the numbers and it's least demanding to do that with spreadsheets, which is the reason I utilize Excel broadly. The uplifting news is you don't need to construct any of the models yourself. I've done all the diligent work for you. You simply should have the capacity to pursue along and utilize the models I've made for you.

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