The 2019 Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle Discount coupon 99% Off

2019 Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle Discount

Course No. 1: Certified Ethical Hacker v9 Training Course
Explore Common Hacking Attacks & Cyber Defenses in an Intuitive, Lab-Filled Environment
Duration: 60 hours
Lessons: 366

Course No. 2: Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
Expose Cyber Threats & Take Them Down as a Threat Intelligence Expert
Duration: 9 hours
Lessons: 62

Course No. 3: Certified Advanced Persistent Threat Analyst
Fight Back Against Advanced Malware with a Deep Dive into Today's Cyber Threats
Duration: 9 hours
Lessons: 58

Course No. 4: Computer Hacker & Forensic Investigator Training
Put Hackers Behind Bars with a Detailed Look at Investigating Cyber Crimes
Duration: 9 hours
Lessons: 101

Course No. 5: CompTIA A+ Certification Prep
Ignite Your IT Career as You Prep for This Essential Certification
Duration: 11 hours
Lessons: 102

Course No. 6: CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep course
Master the Network Security Essentials & Prep to Certify Your Skills
Duration: 10 hours
Lessons: 105

Course No. 7: CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep course
Bolster Your Cybersecurity Skills with a Deep Dive into the Networking Essentials
Duration: 7 hours
Lessons: 69

Course No. 8: Certified Security Analyst Training course
Fix Network Vulnerabilities Before They're Exploited as a Penetration Tester
Duration: 45 hours
Lessons: 205

Course No. 9: Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp
Get up to Speed with Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection & More in This Wall-to-Wall Bootcamp
Duration: 25 hours
Lessons: 145

Course No. 10: Ethical Hacking With Python course
Dive into Python Programming & Discover Its Ethical Hacking Applications
Duration: 4 hours
Lessons: 23

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