The Beginner's Podcasting Bundle Discount coupon 95% Off

Beginner's Podcasting Bundle Discount coupon

Course No. 1: The Podcast Master Class: A Complete Guide to Podcasting
Get Your Podcast off the Ground with Expert Tips on Gear, Editing & More
Duration: 5 hours
Lessons: 55

Course No. 2: Mind Mapping For Smart Speaking
Ditch the Notecards & Take a Smarter Approach to Getting Your Point Across
Duration: 0.5 hour
Lessons: 9

Course No. 3: Persuasion Master Class: How To Powerfully Influence Anyone
Dive Into the 3-Step Persuasion Blueprint Used By the World’s Most Persuasive People
Duration: 3 hours
Lessons: 40

Course No. 4: Branding You: How To Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire
Cultivate Your Brand with Insight on Starting a Podcast, Writing a Book & More
Duration: 4 hours
Lessons: 44

Course No. 5: The Online Personal Branding Hacking Guide 2018
Grow Your Online Footprint with Branding Tips for Web & Social Media
Duration: 3.5 hours
Lessons: 31

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