The Lootcrate Exclusive C# & Unity Game Developer Bundle Discount coupon 94% Off

Course No. 1: The Unreal Engine Developer Course: Learn C++ & Make Games
Work Hands-on with the Game Engine Behind Fortnite Battle Royale
Duration: 59 hours
Lessons: 337

Course No. 2: Learn 3D Modeling: The Complete Blender Creator Course
Take on the Blender Basics & Work Hands-on with Real 3D Models
Duration: 51.5 hours
Lessons: 288

Course No. 3: The Complete C# & Unity 3D Course: Learn To Code By Making Games
Get Hands-on Training Creating Your Own Games with Unity
Duration: 26.5 hours
Lessons: 165

Course No. 4: The Complete C# & Unity 2D Course: Learn To Code By Making Games
Build a Tower Defense Game, Platformer & More as You Master Unity
Duration: 17 hours
Lessons: 117

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