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Introduction to Music Theory Course

An amateur's course that covers the total basics of music hypothesis for musicians, lyricists, and arrangers.

You will take in the essential fundaments that make up music. For a considerable length of time, I have been a gifted and experienced player of the piano. Self-propelled and decided, I strived to grow my insight on the establishment of music through the enlistment of various music hypothesis and piano exercises. Subsequently, I know feel certain that I have a solid and compressible comprehension of music hypothesis.

"Prologue to Music Theory" is a course that I feel truly establishes the framework for any performer, at any ability level, to pick up a superior comprehension and gratefulness for the melodic sort and industry. All through the aggregate of the course, numerous themes will be contacted upon. Subsequent to selecting in my course, I am certain that you, the understudy, will leave with a balanced and strong melodic instruction that will demonstrate to end up basic to your very own melodic profession and adventure.

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