An Introduction to Everyday Business English Course - Udemy $10 Coupon 50% Off

This interactive course covers the six most popular topics in Business English:
-Talking about your job
-Small talk in the office
-Making and Receiving phone calls
-Writing emails
-Writing a great CV
- Going to a job interview

Each lesson contains: Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading Comprehension questions as well as links to websites related to each topic. Worksheets on Listening, extra Vocabulary and Grammar also accompany the lessons and can be considered as the homework a teacher would give you in class to practice more on what you have learned during the lesson.

During the lectures the students can actively participate by doing a variety of exercises based on the theory learned. It really makes the students feel like they are actually doing an online lesson instead of just sitting there and listening to endless amounts of information without doing anything.

Udemy Course :

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