Electronics-Digital Circuit Design - Udemy Course Coupon 73% Off

Electronics-Digital Circuit Design

Gain the knowledge and skill set to implement and understand digital logic circuits...

This course is designed and formulated to help students understand, solve and design digital logic circuits.Taking this course will give the students an insight on the logic that forms the backbone to 21st century technology.This course has detailed lectures that not only define or describe logic gates but also examples and problems where you get to learn the real life implementation and working of the logic gates.

This Electronics-Digital Circuit Design course also has a tons of quizzes,assignments and cheat sheet to help you brush your concepts thoroughly and prepare you for any related examinations. You'll learn:

  1. Base system concepts
  2. Base conversions
  3. Binary logic
  4. Logic gates
  5. Boolean algebra
  6. Derived logic gates
  7. Applications of Boolean algebra
  8. K maps
  9. And much more

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