Everyday Yoga for Everybody - Udemy course coupon 95% Off

Everyday Yoga for Everybody - Udemy course

The perfect daily yoga program for reconnecting your body, mind and soul. It empowers you to listen & enjoy your body.

This Everyday Yoga program gives your body the freedom to react properly and instinctively. The body speaks, we just have to empower it, listen and learn, otherwise we may feel overwhelmed, upset or disconnected.
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Learn to always enjoy and reconnect. Bring your attention inside your body, pay attention to your breath and be aware of every move you make. This is the first step to connecting your body, mind and soul and finding harmony inside you and the world around you.

High-quality program designed by an expert, it shows in parallel the easy way yoga poses for beginners.

In this course you will learn:

Breathing deeply is essential. Feel your body and your breath. Let the breath set the pace for you today and move mindfully.

Working the lower body. Open your hips, stretch the muscles of your legs and allow the tension to dissipate.

Working the abdominal muscles, engaging the core - essential for a good posture and a healthy spine.

Working the shoulders and the spine. Strengthen your shoulders and back muscles to have a good posture and a healthy spine. Twist the spine and allow the body to eliminate any accumulated toxins.

Move freely. Feel your breath and allow it to guide the movements of your body. Enjoy your body!

Release the myofascial tensions by relaxing your muscles consciously, allowing your blood and lymph circulation to improve. Make the breath complete, sending it all the way into your abdomen, chest and shoulders.

Align! Improve your posture, your breath and allow the energy to circulate freely throughout your body.

Synergy movement. Move the body as a whole. Feel and direct the flow of energy through your body.

Stay connected and present! Feel your body with each move you make, listen, and find out what it's trying to communicate.

Udemy coupon :https://www.udemy.com/course/everyday-yoga-for-everybody/?couponCode=BLACKFRIDAY

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