Hacking In Practice - Ethical Hacking Mega Course Discount coupon 87% Off

Ethical Hacking Mega Course Discount

With a few lines of code, cybercriminals can access protected networks, view encrypted files, and even steal identities online—if there's not an ethical hacker standing in their way. This extensive course contains over 20 hours of practical training designed to help you thwart these criminals as a certified professional. You'll start with an introduction to cyber threats and IT security myths. Then you'll move on to security policies, risk management, disaster recovery, and even get a free voucher for the ISA CISS examination when you complete the course, setting you up to validate your skills right away.

Access 236 lectures & 23 hours of content 24/7
Follow step-by-step instructions for advanced hacking techniques
Familiarize yourself w/ current cyber threats & hacking trends
Explore designing more secure networks
Dive into encrypted data, identify spoofing, and windows authorization
Get a free voucher for the ISA CISS examination upon completion

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