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INE - Network Automation with Ansible

Hi Everyone and welcome to web master Newark Automation with Ansible. My name is Eric Chou and most importantly given me a chance to present myself a smidgen. So Who am I, I've been in system building field for the keep going 15+ years and on udemy I am filling in as the co-Instructor Of Joseph Banfield. I've been on the seller side undertaking specialist co-op and throughout the previous 10 years or so I've been building server farms and perusing a portion of the cloud suppliers server farms. I got my CCI number in steering and exchanging in 2008 . So for those of you that are going for CCIE, I know your agony, I've been there and it's a decent way to past and you know good luck with that. I've been movement center throughout the previous five years, so implies you know for the most part managing Python and now danceable API's and system activitys, etc. So most importantly lets see for what reason would we like to utilize arrange robotization.

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