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JavaScript Object-Oriented Masterclass

This is a line from a 1986 research paper talking about models as an option in contrast to classes. Did you realize that JavaScript is a model based dialect and does not require classes? Did you realize that JavaScript's Object-Oriented framework is really less difficult than classes?

Lamentably, because of the dialect being advertised as "Java's younger sibling", something many refer to as the "constructor design" was planned as an approach to for the dialect to "resemble" class-based Java. The choice to cover JavaScript's actual way of life as a model based dialect for something that resembled crazy classes has prompted boundless perplexity among designers that lives right up 'til the present time.

In this course, we will investigate JavaScript's actual way of life as a model based dialect and take a gander at various methods for doing OOP in JavaScript. We don't disregard classes or constructors - we will ponder them profoundly and figure out how they are reflections over a model based framework and figure out how to successfully use them.

In this exercise, we will figure out how to compose compelling, viable and vigorous article situated code utilizing JavaScript.

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