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Learn Wudang Martial Arts - Course

The Online Wudang School was established by Master Ziji to teach the Internal Wudang Martial Arts, as well as the traditions and culture of Wudang Sanfeng for everyone. The main concept consists of the interconnection between the Wudang Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu, which leads to longevity, greater knowledge about yourself and the internal martial arts. The disciplines will be published equally and ongoing, so everyone can choose the preferred area of interest and can freely develop in internal martial arts in the right direction. Internal martial arts should be personalized since everyone is different, this is what we are trying to achieve as much as possible with our Online Wudang School.

With our Online Wudang School you can learn the internal martial arts everywhere. We have HD Quality streams and publish new episodes frequently every two or three days for your daily training.

The online sessions are suited for beginners and advanced practitioners, you can learn here from scratch or use your prior knowledge to enhance yours with the internal understanding from the Wudang Taoists.

Our subscription plan costs only 8 USD monthly (for limited time its Free!) and you will gain unlimited access to all our videos..

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