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CAGED System - Udemy Course

To take advantage of your guitar playing, you need a more prominent comprehension of the fret board.

Wouldn't it be decent if the guitar was spread out in a coherent manner? Well think about what, it is, and in these exercises I will present the CAGED framework.

Understanding The CAGED System will extend your comprehension of the instrument from multiple points of view. You'll have the capacity to play everywhere throughout the fuss board and see better the connections between harmonies, scales and arpeggios, and see the fretboard's characteristic rationale.

When you realize your CAGED framework Major harmonies, the following stage it to connect or 'layer' on to them a valuable scale. For this situation, you will figure out how the Major and Minor Pentatonic scale work sensibly with the CAGED framework.

The course is separated introduction 4 areas. the presentation will give you an outline of the course. Area one takes a gander at the essential thought of the CAGED framework and demonstrates to you the different harmony structures and strategies to utilize. There are 5 backing tracks that you can use to rehearse the different harmony shapes utilized in the segments. Area 2 takes a gander at the Pentatonic scales both Major and Minor and tells you the best way to consolidate the pentatonic scales with the CAGED framework.

In Section 4 you will figure out how to play Major7th, Minor7th, and Dominant7th harmonies utilizing the CAGED framework, you can then pratice what you have realized with additionally backing tracks with harmony movements that utilization these all-encompassing harmonies.

Before the finish of this course you will have a working information of the CAGED framework and a more noteworthy comprehension of the worry board and how to apply the pentatonic scales over the different harmony shapes.

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