Yin yoga for digestion - Targeting the spleen and stomach meridians - Udemy $11 coupon 56% Off

Yin yoga for digestion Course

Do you ever feel bloated or have a heavy digestion? It is a common complaint, and this class may help you! By targeting the spleen and stomach meridians, this Yin yoga class is specifically designed to help digestion. Meridians are pathways or energy channels. If they are blocked, the life energy cannot flow freely through them, causing all sorts of troubles. By unblocking the meridians, we help the energy flow through the body. This class will leave you feeling calmer and your belly will feel happy and light!

You are going to learn:
Better understanding of what is Yin yoga
Know how to practice postures that may help with digestive issues, such as bloating
Develop patience and acceptance
Ability to stay in a challenging posture, observing your thoughts, your sensations, without reacting to them
Feel calm and relaxed

Take some time to take care of your precious self and enjoy the benefits of this deeply healing practice.

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