Ethical Hacking - Beginner Guide To Web Application Pentesting - Udemy Course 100% Off

 Beginner Guide To Web Application Pentesting

We will cover the basics that any beginner should have, you will not have to write any code during this course and I created this course keeping in my mind that my students won't have any prior knowledge.

You will learn:
- how to setup your lab
- get comfortable with Kali Linux
- find and execute exploits related to web application vulnerabilities
- Discover vulnerabilities and exploit them
- Basic Steps You Should Take When Performing a Web Application Pentest
- Discover and Exploit XSS
- Causes of The Vulnerabilites
- Prepare Your Lab Environment For Testing
- Find out The Web Application a Website Is Using

That's only the tip of the iceberg, there's still much more to come.

This Beginner Guide To Web Application Pentesting course is made for anyone looking to start educating themselves in web application security and start their career in this field, Web Developers will also understand how these attacks happen and will help improve their security.

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