19 Ways to Advance Your Professional Development in 2019 - 100% Free eGuide

19 Ways to Advance Your Professional Development

A new year provides a clean slate. Just like a birthday, when you’re celebrating another victory around the sun, a new year provides you with a mental restart.

It might be surprising for you to learn that you already have all the tools you need. Really. Forward movement in the workplace can be as simple as cataloging your mixture of hard skills and your soft skills. From there, you mix them together and—voila! Professional growth is yours! Well, maybe it’s not that easy.

If you’re looking to put good, introspective work into your career progression, you’ll catapult to success. Career Contessa even mapped out 19 tips to help you get going. This year, let’s talk about our careers—about reframing how we look at our past experiences, and how we use them to build our future. We’re going to kill 2019 (in a good way!)

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