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Arduino Based Piano Course

This Arduino Based Piano Course will show you how to Make your own Arduino Based Piano at home utilizing Few switches a ringer and Tone works, This Guide will make you in a stride by step way to realize what every part is, the reason we use it, and what it does and how to wire it up, beginning with the fundamentals of Arduino and completion with Firing Piano Sounds utilizing Buzzer.

You will recognize what is the genuine working rule of Buzzers and Speakers, what is Tone Function and how to interface - wiring - and code all parts accurately so you can Play Piano Sounds utilizing diverse catches in which every one of the catches will fire distinctive tone contingent upon Your Code.

After this course, you will almost certainly make your custom made own one of a kind Arduino Based Piano and the decision is yours to utilize it and apply it with any application that comes in your mind that may include:
- Piano Sound Player
- Alarm System

All associations are clarified in subtleties, and you can pick the sound dimension for each tone and the quantity of Piano catches to be utilized.

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