Make & learn Electronics & Arduino - Pressure Sensor Edition - Udemy $10 coupon 80% Off

Make & learn Electronics & Arduino

Are you a student or electronics enthusiast who wants to create useful electronics devices which have real world applications? Do you also wish to increase your knowledge of electronics theory and learn more concepts which will aid you in producing your own electronic devices? Are you also interested in learning how to programme an Arduino micro-controller to create even more useful and advance devices? This course will cover all of these topics and much, much more!

By the end of this Make & learn Electronics & Arduino course you will be able to make your very own pressure sensor, which you can use to measure air pressure. This is a practical course and will enable you to learn through building your own pressure sensor. It will cover each component of the sensor in detail at the same time the theory you need to understand to gain a good level of understanding of electronics will be expanded upon. Concepts such as how Wheatstone bridges work, Instrumentation amplifiers, Clipping, programming the Arduino, using the Liquid Crystal library and analog to digital conversion.

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