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Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle Discount

1. Cross DJ
Seamlessly Mix with a Pro DJ Software on Desktop & Mobile
Easily find the BPM of your tracks & sync them w/ BPM detection
Enjoy full control on the key of your tracks w/ Key detection & Key matching
Seamlessly integrate w/ popular apps, like iTunes rekordbox™ & Traktor™
Accurately edit your tracks w/ frequency-colored waveforms
Tweak your mix w/ 14 audio effects ranging from Phaser, Echo, Flanger & more
Use the desktop version to access CDJ control w/ HID integration

2. Remixvideo
Ditch the Complicated VJ Software & Add Stunning Visuals to Your Tunes with This User-Friendly Solution
Seamlessly mix & match visuals and music w/ an intuitive grid of video loops
Easily sync w/ any compatible software & hardware
Adjust BPM in real time to follow the tempo of your music & mix visuals in perfect sync
Sync w/ Remixlive, Cross DJ or Ableton via Ableton Link
Adjust your visuals w/ 18 real-time video FX, such as kaleidoscope, zoom or displace
Easily assign MIDI commands to any controller w/ built-in MIDI learning capabilities
Enjoy support for all main formats & codecs

3. Remixlive
Make Music in the Moment with Synced Loops, Finger Drumming & Live Recording Capabilities
Easily record patterns, create unique beats & melodies
Create rich & layered tracks using the multiple playmode
Bring together samples from different sources, including 100+ pro sample packs available in the app
Integrates seamlessly into your DAW of choice, such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X or Reaper
Adjust your sound w/ live-controllable effects such as Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb and more
Create build-ups & drops with the six real-time beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2 bars

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