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Building a Killer SMB Sales Team
Building successful B2SMB sales teams can be a puzzle -- small businesses are tricky to acquire, and often require a lot of hand-holding to maintain. And if you’ve got the wrong salespeople armed with the wrong tools, churn can be endemic. That’s why it’s vital to unite recruiting and onboarding to ensure that your team is built to win.

The Process: Is it the person or training? When you don’t invest in quality sales enablement, it’s difficult to assess if the person or training is to blame. Focus on investing in a quality onboarding program then align recruiting strategies with this. Performance management requires clearly defined expectations and accurate feedback which are essential to improving skills and increasing motivation. Measure everything you do, and do whatever you can to provide unwavering support to new hires.

The Result: After realigning recruiting with enablement, fast-growing Groupon saw immediate return — most without any sales experience, and at the company under 6 months — far more effective than its veteran reps. These new salespeople brought in 35% more contracts; had 5% better margins; signed 22% more quality contracts; achieved 88% higher call activity; and experienced 10% lower attrition.

Calling all B2SMB practitioners responsible for sales and solutions, this resource is for you.

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