Learn PDO By Creating A CRUD Website - PHP & MySQL - Udemy course 100% Off

PHP & MySQL - Udemy course

In this PHP & MySQL course, you will figure out how to utilize PDO (PHP Data Objects) in PHP to perform tasks on a database safely. We will utilize the MySQL database in this class. In any case, you can utilize other upheld databases and practically all the code will be the equivalent.

We will utilize an Object-arranged way to deal with compose the PHP code. Thus, you will even figure out how to make a class, instantiate it and call the techniques on the item.

Finally, I will build up a site page where all the information you have obtained amid the course will be utilized to make a total CRUD website page. As a little something extra address, I will likewise tell you the best way to code the Live Search component in your website page where you can perform activities on the database without reloading the page.

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