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Aspie's guide to Health, Wellbeing and Intuition course
Guidance through Healthy Eating Choices, Lifestyle Adaptions, Gaining Intuition and Holistic Exercise Practices.

 This Health, Wellbeing and Intuition course is for you:
If you are a person with Asperger's Syndrome or High Functioning Autism.
If you wish to find a natural way of life that is healthy and balanced.
If you wish to live your life without the rigidity of obsessive planning.
If you wish you could act intuitively (Trust your own instinct/Gut feeling).
If you wish you could be more at ease with yourself and others.
If you would wish you were overall more confident in the body you have.
If you wished you were fitter and able to be more active.
If you feel you are in a place in life where you are not sure what to do.
If you are sick and tired of being told what to do, think and be.
If you want to be in charge of your life and make your own decisions guilt free.
If you want to step into being 'Authentically and Honestly, Me'
Then look no further, this course will help you achieve all the above, and possibly more.

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You are the participator, learner and the person who decides how far your progress goes. The more you commit to this course, the better the outcome. However, it is not here for you to get stressed over deadlines. Any homework given can be done in your own time, and it will always be here. So, you become your own teacher and motivator here. If for any reason, you had to leave the course, to get on with life, once you have enrolled, it will remain online for as long as you need it, so there is no urgency, just your own honest sense of urgency for your own self-development.

This course aims to be your walking frame to support your journey to your authentic self, gain better health, have a clearer mind and therefore make better/wiser choices.

This course is designed in 4 parts.

Part 1, Healthy eating. In this part you will learn about healthy eating, and how your balanced plate should actually look, for optimum health. At the end of this part, you can create your own healthy meal plan. As time goes on, and you understand how to create your own healthy meal plan, you won't need to use the template meal plan to guide you. You are free to follow it loosely, and enjoy your foods, but within the boundaries of healthy eating. If you follow this course properly, you will probably loose the cravings for unnecessary unhealthy foods.

Part 2, Lifestyle choices. In this part, we will explore what type of lifestyle you have. From there, we will look at what a healthy balanced lifestyle looks like. We will assess how much time you spend working, playing, socialising (if any) sleeping, working or watching computers, exercising. We will look at an average day, and you can decide how much should be spent doing each activity. To begin with, it may be good that you have a timer (phone timer will work fine) to time yourself at a specific activity you know you spend the longest at. The aim of this part is to bring balance to your lifestyle so you have more time to enjoy other aspects of life. In this section we will explore nature and how important it is to get out in it to ground ourselves. This accompanied by journaling is all a greater part of self-development to be that confident, independent free thinking person you wish to be.

Part 3, Intuition. This is closely linked to the previous part. Here you will be getting to know who you really are. What type of music do you enjoy? What were your passions and interests before people around you told you they were not cool. For me, I have always been a big fan of The Carpenters (look them up if you like). The lady, Karen Carpenter has a singing voice that I was swept away by as a child. I too, as a child had a deep singing voice for my age, and I was inspired by Karen to imitate her sound and therefore mannerisms too. I went to another place in my mind when I turned her CD on and sang along. However, as I grew older, my friends told me that wasn't cool, so I stopped listening to Karen, and somehow a part of me died in doing so. I became a people pleaser, to the extent where I forgot who I was. Does this sound familiar? We need to dive deep and find out who we really are. Only then, our intuition, our subconscious mind is heard. Another way of finding out who we really are, is through meditations. So, within this part you will be guided through some useful meditations.

Part 4, Holistic exercises. In this part you will learn different types of yoga, meditations and Chi Kung to get the brain to body connection. This will make you healthy, move more, encourage flexibility and gain energy. Doing these exercises will also help you break your day into several sections, so you are not trapped behind the desk all day long. In this part, you will get to know what each video does, and when you can use them. The freedom is given to you. You can choose when to practice the exercise routines, so long as you do a different workout routine on a different day in the week. This will be explained in depth on the course.

At the end of the course you will get the chance to create a brief timetable to follow. The idea is that you use this as a guide for the first month after you complete the course. As time goes on, you depend less and less on the timetable. You will have it programmed in your brain by then. For instance you will want to clean your mind by meditating first thing in the morning. Then you won't feel complete until you do a short workout routine etc. This is how the course will work. Habits will slowly build in you naturally, that you will instinctively know what feels good. At any point if you feel a sense of resistance internally from any of the suggestions, just drop them, and carry on as normal. There must not be any sense of resentment, as that will cause a backlash of rebellious emotions towards the activities, which will sabotage your progress.

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