Learn Python Language Fundamentals In Simple Way - Udemy Course 100% Off

1. What is Python and Father of Python

2. Easiness of Python when compared with Other Languages

3. Why the name 'Python'

4. Python as All Rounder

5. Where we can use Python

6. Features of Python

7. Limitations and Flavors of Python

8. Python Versions

9. Python Identifiers

10. Python Reserved Words

11. Data Types :int

12. Data Types: Base Conversion Functions

13. Data Types: float

14. Data Types: complex

15. Data Types: bool

16. Data Types: str data type representations by using single,double and triple quotes

17. Data Types: str data type - positive and negative index

18. Data Types: str data type - Slice Operator

19. Data Types: + and * operators for str data type

20. Type Casting: introduction and int() function

21. Type Casting: float() and complex() functions

22. Type Casting: bool() and str() functions

23. Fundamental Data Types vs Immutability : Meaning Of Immutability

24. Fundamental Data Types vs Immutability : Need Of Immutability

25. Immutability vs Mutability

26. Python Data Types: List

27. Python Data Types: Tuple

28. Python Data Types: Set

29. Python Data Types: FrozenSet

30. Python Data Types: Dict

31. Python Data Types: range

32. Python Data Types: bytes and bytearray

33. Python Data Types Summary

34. None Data Type

35. Escape Characters,Comments and Constants

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